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Square Dance
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Susan Michaels can lead even the most rhythmically-challenged dancers who will be swinging and do-si-doing in no time to traditional American square dance music. 


Susan Michaels has being leading family-friendly community square dances for more than 25 years. Susan has performed all over the United States and Canada at festivals, dance camps, family camps and community dances. She has also led corporate team-building events using dance as a bridge to better communication, respect and empathy in the workplace. Susan has been an artist-in-residence teaching traditional dance to grades K-12 in public and private schools in California, Washington, Alaska and North Carolina. Susan has led Ford Theatres JAM Sessions both on site and in the Cities of Santa Clarita and San Fernando since 2013.

Susan Michaels believes it is her calling to teach the world how to hold hands in a circle and move to music. Susan's goal at every community dance is to encourage fun, courtesy and joy. Her square dance calling style is inclusive, welcoming and each dance is taught and prompted to the level of those involved. There is never anyone with two left feet when Susan is leading a dance! Susan draws from the rich heritage of traditional North American barn dancing including, squares, circles, mixers and folk dance.

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Susan Michaels
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