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Samba Dance
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Viver Brasil Dance Company will help you pick up the lively rhythms and movements of one of Brazil’s most popular cultural expressions – the samba!


Viver Brasil honors Brazil’s African legacy and increases awareness of the rich history of Afro-Brazilian dance and music through performances; residencies; lectures; interactive workshops; an annual cultural immersion travel program to Salvador, Bahia and arts education programs that engage a variety of communities from youth to adults and seniors. The company has led multiple Ford Theatres JAM Sessions on site and in Los Angeles communities since 2008

The Viver Brasil palette includes the popular samba de roda (circle samba), contemporary Bahian carnival samba reggae and samba Afro-Brazilian. Their high energy rhythms awaken senses, reveal intersections and unleash ecstasy with hypnotic, beautiful and mythic Afro-Brazilian drumming and dancing that honors and illuminates the wholeness of all cultures. 

“Ancestral spirits come whirling, rippling, and pulsating to life in the works of Viver Brasil.” -Dance Magazine

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Linda Yudin or Natalie Marrero